Node selectors

These can be used on the command line to select a number of nodes.

See bw apply --help for a list of possible uses.

Item selectors

Item selectors provide a way to address multiple items e.g. when specifying dependencies between them.

Example selectorMeaning
file:/etc/motda single item
file:all items of that type
bundle:fooall items in that bundle
tag:fooall items with that tag
tag:all items with any tag

All selectors can be prefixed with ! to select the inverse (e.g. !tag: means "all items without any tag").

Note that when you have a file item and add a dependency to file:, BundleWrap will resolve this to all other files. Similarily, when you add a dependency on tag: to all items with a certain tag through, this will only target other tags to avoid an immediate loop.