Is BundleWrap the right tool for you?

We think you will enjoy BundleWrap a lot if you:

  • know some Python
  • like to write your configuration from scratch and control every bit of it
  • have lots of unique nodes
  • are trying to get a lot of existing systems under management
  • are NOT trying to handle a massive amount of nodes (let’s say more than 1000)
  • like to start small
  • don’t want yet more stuff to run on your nodes (or mess with appliances as little as possible)
  • prefer a simple tool to a fancy one
  • want as much as possible in git/hg/bzr
  • have strongly segmented internal networks

You might be better served with a different config management system if you:

  • are already using a config management system and don’t have any major issues
  • hate Python and/or JSON
  • like to use community-maintained configuration templates
  • need unattended bootstrapping of nodes
  • don’t trust your coworkers