Pamac package items

Handles packages installed by pacman (e.g. Arch Linux) and pamac. Uses pamac to install, build and remove packages. Needs pacman to determine if a package is installed. Pacman is only used to read information from the node, all action is handeled by pamac.

pkg_pamac = {
    "foopkg": {
        "installed": True,  # default
    "bar": {
        "installed": False,
    "somethingelse": {
        "when_creating": {
            "aur": True,   # installs package from AUR instead of official repos. Defaults to `False`
System updates on Arch Linux should always be performed manually and with great care. Thus, this item type installs packages with pamac install --no-upgrade $pkgname. You should manually do a full system update before installing new packages via BundleWrap!

Attribute reference

See also: The list of generic builtin item attributes


True when the package is expected to be present on the system; False if this package and all dependencies that are no longer needed should be removed.


True when the package should be installed from AUR; False if package should be installed from official sources. Defaults to False.
This attribute will only be read when creating the item on the node, e.g. when the desired package will be installed for the first time. In subsequent runs, this item will be ignored. See when_creating documentation