ZFS datasets

Manages ZFS datasets.

zfs_datasets = {
    "tank/mydataset": {
        "acltype": "posixacl",
        "atime": "on",
        "relatime": "on",
        "compression": "on",
        "dedup": "off",
        "mountpoint": "/mnt/mydataset",
        "readonly": "off",
        "quota": "1G",
        "recordsize": "131072",
        "logbias": "throughput",

Attribute reference

See also: The list of generic builtin item attributes


Controls where the dataset should be mounted. If you set this to None, bundlewrap will also automatically unmount the dataset for you. The dataset will get mounted if you specify a mountpoint.

Any other attribute

Sets the corresponding dataset properties. Make sure the property is available in our pool.